MSI To Unveil GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Gaming Slim Monster Hunter Edition GPU At CES 2024

MSI plans to reveal upcoming products during CES 2024, including limited-edition series celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. While the official presentation is slated for next week, MSI is keen to offer an early glimpse of its upcoming products. The TITAN 18 HX gaming laptop, Claw gaming handheld, and Monster Hunter hardware series are already generating anticipation through teasers or leaks before the official unveiling.


As stated by MSI’s Marketing Vice President during the product announcement, the limited edition Monster Hunter series not only honors the game’s rich history but also symbolizes a dedication to advancing the frontiers of gaming technology.

Observers might draw parallels between this marketing campaign and ASUS ROG Evangelion products, inspired by an iconic anime series. MSI considered exploring a similar concept, but it became evident that the Evangelion space was already quite saturated.

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Preparing for the launch, MSI is set to introduce a lineup of devices inspired by the Monster Hunter game series, which made its debut on PlayStation 2 in 2004 and has since been accessible on diverse platforms. With an impressive history encompassing over 20 titles and 94 million units sold globally, Monster Hunter has secured a prominent position in the gaming industry.

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The upcoming product lineup includes an Intel Z790-based motherboard from the EDGE series, featuring a 16+1+1 phase design, support for PCIe Gen5, and Wi-Fi 7 compatibility. Additionally, MSI is poised to release the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB graphics card as part of the GAMING SLIM series. This model boasts a triple-fan design, centered around the AD106 GPU with 4352 CUDA cores. Despite the 8GB configuration (ideal would be 16GB), the anticipated price is approximately $399. While the limited edition status may contribute to a higher cost, MSI’s track record suggests that their limited editions are generally readily available worldwide.



The MSI GeForce RTX™ 4060 Ti 8G GAMING SLIM MONSTER HUNTER EDITION comes to life with exclusive patterns and a color scheme inspired by the collaboration with Monster Hunter, celebrating a 20-year-long legacy. Embodying GAMING characteristics through bold lines, clean edges, RGB hues on a sleek appearance, and a ventilation cutout in the backplate, this graphics card is tailored to be slimmer and lighter for flexible gaming setup assembly while optimizing airflow and circulation within the PC case. Powered by NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace architecture, the MSI GeForce RTX™ 4060 Ti is crafted to deliver incredible performance for mainstream gamers at 1080P resolution, achieving 100 frames per second with Ray Tracing, DLSS 3 neural rendering, and an eighth-generation NVIDIA Encoder (NVENC) with AV1 encoding. It meets gamer’s demands with the latest graphics technology, providing lifelike and immersive visuals, improved image quality, and enhanced frame rates in games.

Source: MSI