Samsung Shows Off Its Ultra-Thin And Light 4K Display ‘The Link’ At CES 2024

Setting up any monitor involves connecting cables between systems, potentially causing desk clutter. Samsung aims to address this issue with ‘The Link,’ unveiled at CES 2024. This ultra-thin and lightweight display offers portability and a standout feature – wireless connectivity to other ‘The Link’ displays, eliminating the need for additional cables.

Samsung didn’t rely on magic for The Link’s functionality; instead, they employed clever engineering. The 32-inch LED panel features a unique design with razor-thin bezels and an inverted T-shaped base for stability. Despite its incredibly thin profile, The Link accommodates three ports – HDMI, power, and USB-C – sufficient for most users.

Samsung The Link extremely thin LED monitor

The Link connects to other display units through pogo pins, magnetically extending your workspace. With its ultra-thin bezels, adding a new The Link unit creates a seamlessly stretched screen appearance. While the refresh rate details weren’t disclosed, given its 4K panel, Samsung is likely to cap it at 60Hz.

Despite its slim profile, the company successfully incorporated built-in speakers for convenient media enjoyment without the need for headphones. Although The Link lacks a specified price or release date, we hope Samsung mass-produces this display, anticipating widespread interest in expanding screen space without adding cable clutter. An ideal addition would be a high-refresh-rate variant with a reduced resolution, creating the ultimate combination.