ASUS To Launch ROG NUC At CES 2024; Could Feature Arc Graphics

It was revealed a few months back that ASUS is actively involved in creating a gaming NUC. It’s important to note that Intel had earlier announced the discontinuation of investment in its NUC product line, transferring all related assets to ASUS.

As a result, ASUS has assumed the responsibility of supporting existing systems and leading the development of future NUC products. There are rumors about an upcoming release being integrated into the ROG family, and ASUS has officially confirmed this information by teasing its inaugural ROG NUC, marking the company’s entry into this product category.


The ROG NUC system won’t directly rival current prebuilt designs such as the ROG C22H. In contrast to NUC, the C22H is a compact desktop PC, outpacing the NUC 13 Extreme. Equipped with a Core i9-14900KF processor and RTX 4070 desktop GPU, it even comes with integrated liquid cooling.

The NUC variant represents a distinct form factor within the realm of compact gaming PCs. This market has experienced intense competition, driven by robust integrated graphics and advancements in discrete graphics architectures.


Several companies have embraced this concept, integrating potent graphics into their Mini-PCs. Notably, Chinese manufacturer Peladn is set to include discrete Radeon RX 7000M and GeForce RTX 40 Laptop graphics in their latest systems. Additionally, Geekom has unveiled a new system featuring the Ryzen 8040, marking their debut in the Mini-PC space, equipped with Radeon RX 7600M XT graphics.

Serpent Canyon, this specific offering integrates the 12th Gen Core Alder Lake mobile CPU and Intel’s Arc A770M graphics. Notably, ASUS hasn’t introduced any product with Arc graphics to date. Consequently, it’s unclear if the upcoming ROG NUC could mark ASUS’s debut in this regard.