CES 2024 – Cooler Master Debuts New Desk Accessory and Stream Gear

Cooler Master doesn’t just make PC cases, coolers, and peripherals – they have a good variety of PC lifestyle offerings as well, and two of them that we wanted to cover from this year’s CES 2024 were pretty impressive. If you’re anything like me, my desk can become a bit of a mess, and I’m always looking to use multiple devices at my desk, but run into the issues of having to find an open outlet and running new cables for connectivity. They’ve got a nice solution for that now. Additionally, their new modular control surface aims to improve your on-screen presence with ease.


First up is the Prostation, which at first may look like a standard monitor stand to get your monitor up off the desk surface. But spending more than a second looking at it will show you that it is much more than that. Across the front edge of the stand are two 20 watt speakers that offer so much more audio quality than any built-in monitor speakers can, and will take up less space than traditional desktop speakers. Not only do these speakers work with whatever devices are connected tot he Prostaiton, but you can also connect devices via Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming as well. Also on the front of the stand is a small touch screen display that lets you adjust all sorts of functions of the Prostation. For example, you can switch between the HDMI inputs on the back, adjust volume, and a lot of other settings as well. Along the top of the stand in the middle is a ventilated section that blows cool air up to your monitor, which will help keep all of these new OLED panels cool. Additionally, there is a wireless charging section on the right side so that you can just set your phone down and get a quick charge.

Cooler Master CES 2024

Moving on to the back of the Prostation is where you will find the real work taking place. Along the left side is a power strip section that brings four outlets up to the top of your desk for easy access. Then, on the right side we find all of our connectivity inputs and outputs including the aforementioned two HDMI 2.1 ports, USB Type-C, Ethernet, and two USB 2.0 Type-A ports. Along the right side of the riser are an additional two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, two USB Type-C ports, an SD card reader, and 3.5mm headphone jack. If this type of desk accessory sounds good to you, you will have to wait until July when it launches for $599.

Cooler Master CES 2024


Moving over to the streaming side of Cooler Master’s products, we have the new MasterHub. If you have seen streaming control devices from other companies, then you will know that they are set in their layout, aside from being able to adjust what applications or controls go on what buttons. Cooler Master has designed the MasterHub to be a modular device that can quickly and easily be reconfigured to suit your needs. We saw Cooler Master showing off the device with what they are calling their “streamer kit” package. This includes a module with 15 LCD-backed buttons, a thinner module with two rollers to adjust various settings, and a module with five sliders for an additional set of controls for your content creation needs. As previously mentioned, these modules can be placed in various configurations on the Master Hub base, and make their connections via pogo-style pins and contacts, and are held in place via magnets. This allows for easy adjustment and layout changes to the device, and it even supports changing from portrait to landscape mode without any interaction with your system, as an internal sensor can determine the device’s current orientation. Additional control modules, and even an angled stand will be available outside of the streamer kit, but for now this kit will be available for $399.

Cooler Master CES 2024

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