Lenovo Legion Y7000/Y9000 2024 Gaming Laptops Series Leaked

Lenovo is preparing to launch a new series of gaming laptops called Legion Y7000, Y9000P, Y9000K, and Y9000X, specifically targeting the Chinese market. These models correspond to the well-known Legion 7 and 9 series globally, and some information about them has already emerged through leaks on Chinese social media platforms.

LENOVO LEGION G5000 03 videocardz

The company has unveiled a teaser suggesting an anticipated launch in early 2024, likely around January 8. This timeframe aligns with Intel’s scheduled introduction of the remaining 14th Gen Core “Raptor Lake Refresh” CPUs. The HX-Series processors, part of this lineup, are expected to feature up to 24 cores and improved clock speeds compared to the current 13th Gen models.

LENOVO LEGION G5000 videocardz

The teaser features a dynamic Mission Impossible-style theme, depicting an elaborate theft of a Legion laptop from Lenovo’s headquarters. The mission revolves around acquiring the Legion Y7000P laptop equipped with a Core i9-14900HX CPU. As revealed in the teaser, the CPU maintains the same package size as its predecessor and aligns with the existing desktop LGA1700 series. However, the mobile variant is specifically designed for a laptop BGA socket, omitting an integrated heatspreader and featuring a limited default TDP of 55W.

LENOVO LEGION G5000 02 videocardz

Lenovo lovers can already access images of the complete Legion laptop series. However, certain models, such as the G5000 (referred to as Legion 5), might not be launched in China. The remaining lineup, characterized by diverse chassis designs, CPU, and GPU options, is set to debut in China under the Yx000 names and globally as Legion 7 and 9.

LENOVO LEGION R7000P 02 videocardz

Intel is scheduled to officially reveal the 14th Gen Core HX mobile processors and non-K desktop CPUs on January 8th. This is expected to trigger a cascade of announcements from various laptop manufacturers who have been keeping their 2024 gaming laptop lineup confidential until this pivotal date.

Via Lenovo China