Cooler Master To Launch X-Silent 1100W Fanless Power Supply With 12VHPWR Connector At CES 2024

Cooler Master is getting ready to announce a new power supply at CES 2024. The Cooler Master X-Silent 1100W stands out with its rare combination of a fanless design and high power rating, a feature not commonly found in high-power supplies. Noise-free operation, a rarity in PSUs exceeding 500-700W, is achieved by this innovative design.

It’s important to highlight that the 1100W power rating of the supply doesn’t imply constant operation at that level; it depends on the connected components. Nonetheless, the PSU must manage higher power peaks. Cooler Master is yet to confirm the precise power efficiency and ratings.


Based on the leaked image, the PSU is expected to include a native 12VHWPR connector for the GeForce RTX 40 series. It will also come equipped with USB and PMBUS connectors for Power Management, along with six 8-pin connectors for PCIe/CPU and four SATA connectors for peripherals. The design is entirely modular.

The X-Silent PSU is set to debut at CES 2024. Cooler Master has not yet confirmed the complete specifications, pricing, or release date. However, it’s advisable not to anticipate a low cost for this PSU.

Source: FanlessTech