CES 2024 – CyberPowerPC Intros New Cases and Liquid Cooled Laptop

Our friends over at CyberPowerPC were excited to show off some of their new cases, and even a liquid cooled laptop, at CES 2024, and we were more than happy to take a look. CyberPowerPC always seems to be working on something new, which is great for us, as we get to see the fruits of their labors every year in Las Vegas before they become released to the masses. Checkout some of the new cases and even a liquid cooled laptop in this review of what we saw from CyberPowerPC at CES 2024.

CyberPowerPC Aventus 360V

Combining a wrap-around mesh front covering 1/3 of the case, and a glass panel on the rear 2/3 of the case, the Amethyst 360M provides a ton of ventilation while still providing plenty of viewing options for showing off your build within. The wrap-around front of the Aventus 360V can be removed as once piece to provide easy access to the front case fans and front portion of the case, with a simple tool less design. This internally designed case supports up to a 360mm radiator in the top or front of the case, and a total of seven 120mm fans altogether. While not being sold as a standalone case just yet, you can choose this case option when working with CyberPowerPC’s system builder on their website.

CyberPowerPC CES 2024

CyberPowerPC Amethyst 360M

The first version of the Amethyst 360 is the 360M – M standing for mesh. This case features an angular front panel with mesh sections to promote good airflow into the case, while a tempered glass side panel provides a nice look into the body of the case. RGB lighting accents on the front panel illuminate the mesh design, and really show off the asymmetrical look of the front panel. A fully-covered power supply bay adds a look of separation on the side of the case, while the hinged glass side panel covers the compute components nicely. Again, not available just yet as a standalone case, but as an option in the CyberPowerPC system builder.

CyberPowerPC CES 2024

CyberPowerPC Amethyst 360S

The Amethyst 360S brings a very pleasant wood aesthetic to this case series, as we were able to see this case configured with multiple wood types and finishes when visiting CyberPowerPC. Due to the angled, asymmetrical design of the removable front panel components, a lot of hand work is required for each wood strip, adding a lot of tedious work to this case’s manufacturing process. We have to say though, this case looks great, and the hand crafted portion is worth the extra effort in our opinion.

CyberPowerPC CES 2024

CyberPowerPC Lumina 360V

This midtower case design focuses on a unique front panel look that sets it apart from other cases. The Lumina 360V sports vertical strips of tempered glass that are each illuminated via RGB LEDs. This design choice allows for good airflow into the front of the case where up to three 120mm fans can be placed. The frosted edges of these tempered glass strips show off the lighting quite nicely from the front, while a standard tempered glass side panel gives a view into the case itself.

CyberPowerPC CES 2024

CyberPowerPC Silvina 360V

Just like the Lumina 360V, the Silvina 360V offers a unique front panel design, but eschews the tempered glass strips for hand-crafted wood strips. These wood strips take on the design language of their surrounding plastic front panel, and offer a somewhat randomized design pattern with a bit of a higher-end look to it. Again, this case is only offered in preconfigured systems, but we hope to see it offered as a solo option at some point in the future.

CyberPowerPC CES 2024

CyberPowerPC Phanteks NV5S

CyberPowerPC teamed up with the folks over at Phanteks to come out with a new spin on the Phanteks NV5 case. As seen in the image below, an ARGB strip was added to the front panel of this case, and follows the vertical and lower horizontal lines of the tempered glass window. Aside from that lighting addition, this is a standard Phanteks NV5 case, but we think it looks pretty amazing on its own. It is cool to see companies working together to come up with variations of their products, and we hope to see more of this collaboration work in the future.

CyberPowerPC CES 2024

CyberPowerPC Prism 360V

The Prism 360V is CyberPowerPC’s take on the aquarium style case trend that has been all the rage the last year or so. With removable tempered glass front and side panels, the Prism 360V provides a ton of access to internal components during building and maintenance. A nice ARGB LED bar sits beneath the front glass panel, and makes its way around the side of the case just a bit, which looks pretty cool. The lower portion of the case is decked out in a metal design that adds some precision and modern style to the case, while hefty steel risers act as a base for the case and lift it up off of the ground about an inch.

CyberPowerPC CES 2024

CyberPowerPC Tracer VIII Ultra I16U LC

Moving outside of cases, CyberPowerPC was also showing off their Tracer VIII Ultra I16U LC, a liquid cooled laptop with an external cooling tower for additional cooling capacity. On the back of the laptop are two ports that seal off when the external unit is not connected – that’s right, you can use this laptop without the external cooler just fine. But when you want more cooling headroom for your components to ramp up to higher performance settings, a simple molded plug attaches to the back of the laptop, enabling the external cooler (pump, radiator, reservoir, and fan). This process happens with no other interaction required from the user, outside of making that physical connection. I have always liked the idea of optional external components to improve the performance of your laptop when you are back at your “home base”, and while they are usually things like external GPUs or larger monitors, this external cooler is another great example of one of these devices. We don’t have a set availability date just yet, but expect to see this laptop “soon”.

CyberPowerPC CES 2024

CyberPowerPC CES 2024 CyberPowerPC CES 2024

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