Infographic: Why We Use Mobile Media More Than Our TV

Mobile media trends are on the rise. With smartphones, tablets, and ultrabooks becoming the new norm, it is easy to understand why people are spending more and more time using these devices. App developers are constantly improving functionality and designs, making other entertainment seem obsolete.

So how much are we really using mobile media? 10% of our day is spent using a mobile device. This equates to almost 2.5 hours a day or 38 days in the year. One interesting fact is that Moms are at the forefront of this transition, with roughly twice the usage of the general population.

Watching television, which used to be our guilty pleasure, is now being surpassed by mobile media. Because this is such an integral part of our society, it is only right that we better understand how and why it is so popular. Check out this infographic to learn more interesting information about the growing adoption of mobile media.

mobile media

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