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Mobile App Development Trends In 2016

Mobile users are becoming tech-savvy and are adopting the patterns of movement to make their work productive. Hiring a taxi, shopping online, ordering food, and other day-to-day activities end up being easier with making use of mobile applications. We experienced numerous new innovations in the field of mobile apps in 2015. With the beginning of 2016, some hot trends are most likely to remain, while there will be some brand-new additions to the mobile app patterns in the coming year.

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4 Tips For Gaming On A Budget

Once upon a time, gamers could simply buy video games at fair prices, go home, and play to their hearts' content. The same is true today, but with the gaming industry as a whole having grown enormously in the past several years, it feels more like a business than ever. And as such, the gaming industry is now more expensive to enjoy.

Creative Sound Blaster E3 USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

Creative Sound Blaster E3 USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier Review

I am sure when most users hear Creative Sound Blaster it is synonymous with computer audio perfection, many of the top gaming motherboards feature Sound Blaster audio. Today I will be looking at the new Sound Blaster E3 USB DAC & headphone amplifier with Bluetooth. In addition to being a USB DAC and amplifier it also features Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to wirelessly connect with your mobile devices. So can the Sound Blaster E3 live up to Creative Sound Blaster's long legacy of audio excellence? Read on as we test the E3 and find out!


Five Reasons for You to Put Eyes on Your Employees PCs

If your business relies on computers like most businesses do nowadays, then you must realize that employees can take work quite lightly. If you aren’t keeping an eye on them, they can become complacent in their work and might not give their 100 percent. No doubt it’s very difficult to keep an eye on each and every computer in the office all the time, but now that process has been made quite simple by monitoring apps like Mobistealth. If you are reluctant to use the monitoring apps, then you can face following problems in the office. You can safely rely on monitoring app to resolve these issues.

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Apple Does Rely On Market Research Contrary To The Popular Belief

The belief that Apple doesn’t conduct market research seems to stem from Steve Jobs era. The late Apple CEO insisted that market research was pointless because consumers didn’t know what they want. Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief, made a reminiscent statement of the view back in 2012 saying the company doesn’t rely on any focus groups, customer surveys, or typical things of this kind; that has no role in the creation of Apple products.


iPad Mini 2 Succeed to Impress

I and Jack Frank who is an editor working at <a href=""></a> and also a lover of the Apple high tech products have both bought iPad mini 2 lately which is the latest technology product released by Apple Inc. After some time use, we feel that this purchase is so worth it and we want to have some comment on it.


2 IT Training Courses your Staff Needs to Attend

Today all staff need <a href="">a certain amount of IT skills and training </a>and personal development courses are an excellent way of providing these as well as serving to motivate your staff. Naturally it is important to identify the precise training that is needed and that is appropriate for both the business and the individual members of staff. You should also identify why the training is needed and what it should achieve, and you should check to see if your expectations have been fulfilled after the training has been completed.


Top 3 Home Network Wi-Fi Routers For 2013

The Wi-Fi router range for home networks depends on a number of variables, such as the size of the home and the number of devices that are going to be in use. For example, a single story home can get away with a router offering an average range, a couple of LAN ports, 2 antennas and 802.11n standard.


Technology at The Table

Whether you're dining out with friends, family or a date, taking out a mobile phone in the middle of a meal is considered somewhat antisocial. However, it might be time to set a place for...

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