Cooler Master CK552 Gaming Keyboard Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
So I’ve been using the Cooler Master CK552 as my main keyboard for a couple of weeks now. While I am not a hardcore gamer I do enjoy gaming in the evening and when I have free time so this keyboard was not only used for gaming, but also quite a lot of typing and general computer use.

First let’s talk about the key switches, as I mentioned earlier this is the first keyboard I’ve reviewed that make use of Gateron mechanical key switches. I’ve had quite a lot of experience with Cherry MX and Kailh switches. I would say the biggest difference between the Gateron and Cherry MX switches is that the Gateron switches feel lighter. For someone like me who does a lot of typing this is a great thing as I was easily able to get into a “flow” using this keyboard. It was both enjoyable to use for gaming as well as typing. We had the Red version of the switches, but Cooler Master offers the keyboard in Gateron Blue and Brown as well.

The RGB backlighting on this keyboard is good and Cooler Master made sure you were able to fully customize the backlighting with per-key customization. They have also given the keyboard quite a lot of effects (20 total) so you won’t get bored with just static and breathing. I did find it odd that there was no brightness adjustment in the software though.

Talking about the software it is quite good and easy to understand. Anyone can go in and adjust the lighting, remap keys, create macros etc. So often we see bad gaming software, but Cooler Master has done a good job here. The only thing missing really was the ability to remap a key to launch a program or do a Windows command.

Cooler Master wanted a no-nonsense keyboard and they have one in their CK552. It has a solid design, mechanical key switches, RGB backlighting, and software to control everything. You are getting all of that for a great price of $86.99! Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cooler Master CK552 Gaming Keyboard a 9 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award.

– Price
– Mechanical key switches
– Per-key RGB backlighting
– Solid design
– Good software

– No brightness adjustment
– Unable to remap a key to launch a program or run a Windows command

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