Cooler Master ROC Tablet & Notebook Stand Review

It’s pretty obvious, ROC will hold you iPad or MacBook Pro. ROC can save space on your desk by allowing a MacBook Pro to stand vertically or horizontally, accentuating the MacBook Pro’s thinnest side.

Cooler Master ROC Tablet & Notebook Stand

Once a MacBook Pro is in the stand, it is possible to go completely wireless by utilizing AirPlay mirroring, along with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I tested this setup in my office at work, it was pretty sweet to not have any wires connected to my laptop. Anyone who walked into the office thought I was playing tricks on them, or that ROC had magical powers. Needless to say, everyone thought it was an awesome setup.

Cooler Master ROC Tablet & Notebook Stand

If iPads are your interest, you’ll be glad to know that ROC has no problem holding those either. I tested iPad 2, 3rd, and 4th Generations. They’re all very similar form factors, so it isn’t surprising each iPad fit without trouble.

Cooler Master ROC Tablet & Notebook Stand

ROC was able to successfully hold the iPad while I played Dumb Ways To Die and Flappy Bird. Typing an email while an iPad rested in ROC was easy in portrait or landscape.

Cooler Master’s ROC will hold a MacBook Pro or iPad in multiple orientations. ROC has enough weight, so it won’t tip over while holding expensive devices. Beyond providing a fancy way to display devices, ROC is also pretty functional. It was easy to play games and write emails while an iPad was resting in ROC.

ROC retails for $41.99 at my favorite online retailer, but even though ROC is a very well made stand, $41.99 feels a bit too expensive. If you can catch ROC on sale for $34.99 or less, it is a worthy multi-functional stand.

– Well made, heavy construction
– Holds MacBook Pro or iPad in multiple orientations
– Rubber bottom and slots prevent devices from slipping or falling

– A bit expensive

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