Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H Motherboard Review

Included Software
Gigabyte’s motherboard companion software has also undergone quite the makeover since we have last looked at it. It all comes together in Gigabyte’s App Center, which allows you to easily access all of the different applications from one main console.


Starting with @BIOS, it allows you to update your BIOS quite easily. You can either update from Gigabyte’s servers or update from a downloaded file. It also allows you to save your current BIOS to file and change the logo that comes up when the system is loading.


EasyTune is Gigabyte’s system tuning software. The main screen will give you all of the information on your system as well as provide a live hardware monitor.


Smart Quick Boost is an instant overclocking feature. It has six different overclocking presets dependent on your processor. You can also go into the Advanced section and manually tune your system.


Smart Fan will allow you to calibrate and set different settings for the individual fans that are in your system. You can also set a fan curve for each fan depending on the temperature in your system.



System Alerts allows you to set alerts for fan speeds and temperatures so if they go above or below a certain setting you will get an alert.


3D Power gives you some control over the power Phases, Frequency and Voltage for the system.


EZ Setup will allows you to make some changes to your disk setup. You can switch between ACHI and RAID modes, you can set up Smart Response, Rapid Start, Smart Connect and XHD.




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