Let The Raid Begin

How to develop your character

Experience levels are the basis of the WoW progression system. As you level up, you get experience points and gradually get access to better skills and gear. Most of the gear requires minimum levels, so do quests and dungeons. It is clear then that leveling a character is a priority.

However, developing your character entails more than just fighting enemies. You need to learn about classes, races, professions, mechanics of the game, specifications of your character, items and where to find them, quests and gameplay. Additionally, WoW has several continents with dozens and dozens of regions (called zones) to explore and learn about. And let’s not forget that on top of all that you still have to worry about how the market inside the game works, buying and selling items. 

The world created is vast, and you will spend quite some time just learning to navigate through it. So, growing all aspects of your character in WoW takes a lot of time, practice and requires you to master a complex system.

Level and Items

In Battle for Azeroth, your character can level up to 120. That is equivalent to millions of experience points you get from killing mobs. In the beginning, that can be a frustrating task, even more so if you are a new player. And at the end of the day, you just want to have fun. Still, the sheer amount of time you spend killing and looting might take that away from you. 

Apart from leveling, there are also difficulties associated with getting rare items. The system ensures that the rarest items are indeed the less often dropped. So in order to get them, you have to hunt for a long, long time.

All of this can get overwhelming fast. If you don’t have an experienced friend or an alternative char, it can get pretty daunting to endure the ordeals of the game. 

The Epic and the Legendary

Raid groups are groups of players that gather in parties to play in WoW, under the guidance of a leader player. When we say we are raiding that means we’re playing as a team. This team can go up to 40 players.

Raids are designed to be really challenging. Many of them are recommended for players at their maximum level (that is, 120). They are also a rich source of end-game content. And since you cannot level up anymore, they are the only way to get better gear, improve your skills and collect better items and rewards. 

More than just rare, there are items that are unique. Such is the case of epic and legendary items. They are associated with raids and bosses raids. So there are items that you can get only by going in those raids and defeating the end bosses.

In fact, some players spend their time only in raiding guilds. These are guilds that focus on raids only. The best raids require the highest level characters to participate and are quite demanding. So what to do about them? I’m glad you asked.

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Passing through Raids

Despite their difficulty (or because of it), raids can give you the rarest items, so it is natural to wonder if there’s another way. Well, there is: for raiding there is the option of turning to boost services. These services can provide you with help in a myriad of tasks, offering their assistance, including people who will go through raids for you. You can find the raid boosters here.

So whether you are an experienced player or not, you might want to spend your time focusing on other aspects of the game, such as doing the world quests once you hit the maximum level, focusing on the PvP combat, building alternative characters or whatever you feel like. You don’t have to be attached forever to just one aspect of the game!

The Way of the Raid 

Raids can be really challenging for inexperienced players, so there is nothing wrong in wanting to play the games for other reasons than grinding. Let people go in raids for you is a great way to get the rarest items while enjoying the game experience, especially if you want the rarest items.

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