PNY XLR8 CS3150 Gen5 Solid State Drive Review

Testing – Anvil, PCMark 10, 3DMark & AIDA64

The next test is Anvil Storage Utilities, which is a really great piece of software. The SSD benchmark gives you scores for both read and write as well as a combined score.

pny cs3150 anvil

Next up is PCMark 10, we will be running the Full System Drive Benchmark.

pny cs3150 pcmark10

A new test we’ve added to our benchmarking suite is the 3DMark Storage Benchmark. This is probably the most comprehensive gaming storage benchmark that we’ve ever seen. It does a handful of different actions like loading games, recording games, etc.

pny cs3150 3dmark

We have added back AIDA64’s Disk Benchmark to our testing. The linear test will actually scan from the first physical sector to the last on the test drive. This gives a good representation of sustained read / write operations. We will be running both the Linear Read and Linear Write tests using a 8MB block size.

pny cs3150 aida64 read

pny cs3150 aida64 write

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