Silicon Power Diamond D10 USB 3.0 750GB 2.5-inch Portable Hard Drive Review

To test the drive we used both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports and conducted tests for both Read and Write within HD Tune Pro. Here are the results.

USB 3.0 Read


USB 3.0 Write


USB 2.0 Read


USB 2.0 Write


Average (MB/s) Read Write
USB 2.0 30.7 25.9
USB 3.0 73.2 25.1

As you can see the USB 3.0 read speeds were obviously higher than the USB 2.0 (over double). What was interesting was the Write speeds for USB 2.0 were actually higher than the USB 3.0 test.  I guess the drive inside of the Diamond D10 isn’t that great for writing.

Here are also the results for the File Benchmark in HD Tune. This tests a 500MB file on both read/write as well as a second test showing the results in different block intervals.