Saturday, November 17, 2018

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Case Mod Friday: Project ASUS ROG 10th Anniversary

This week we have a pretty sleek build that was done as a part of ASUS's BOOST MY PC contest. This build celebrates ASUS's 10th anniversary of their Republic of Gamers brand. It is a build done in a completely custom-built case and is definitely made to show off the hardware inside. Be sure to check out this sleek build and let us know what you think!


Kingston HyperX 10th Anniversary DDR3-2400 16GB Memory Kit Review

Kingston is celebrating 10 years of HyperX.  Can you believe that HyperX has been around that long? It makes me feel pretty old!  HyperX is of course Kingston’s high performance memory line.  Recently they have added the HyperX name to other high performance products like their solid state drives and flash drives.  To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of HyperX Kingston has released their 10th Anniversary HyperX Memory Kits.  The modules feature an extremely attractive heatspreader, high frequencies, XMP profiles and the heatspreaders are not that large so they will not get in the way of your CPU cooler.  Today we are looking at the KHX24C11X3K4/16X kit which is a 16GB kit (4x 4GB) that operates at 2400MHz with timings of 11-13-13 at 1.65V.

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