Sunday, July 22, 2018

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ICY DOCK MB994SP-4S Mobile Rack Review

On the table today is a 2.5” drive rack by Icy Dock. The MB994SP-4S can hold four 2.5” drives, and fit all of them in a single 5.25” bay in your desktop or server. It can fit any 2.5” drive up to 15mm in height (yes, that includes Western Digital’s extremely popular 2.5” Velociraptor drives!) The chassis of the rack is 100% aluminum, which gives a solid feel and a clean look. It also has dual 40mm exhaust fans to keep the higher-RPM drives cool. Read on to find out more.

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Unboxing the ICY DOCK MB994SP-4S Mobile Rack

We have been reviewing ICY DOCK products for quite some time. They specialize in storage solutions, mainly ones that will fit in an open drive bays. Today we are checking out one of their latest products, the MB994SP-4S Mobile Rack. This device allows you to install four hot-swappable 2.5-inch hard drives in a single 5.25-inch bay. The mobile rack as they are calling it is made of heavy metal, supports RAID and SATA 6G drives and has dual 40mm cooling fans. Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video!

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