Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Retail Core i7-4770K Overclocked to 7068.52 MHz
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Retail Core i7-4770K Overclocked to 7068.52 MHz!

The Overclocking Knights have set a new overclocking record with the Intel Core i7-4770K retail processor. They overclocked the processor all the way up to 7068.52 MHz using the MSI Z87 XPOWER motherboard, which is MSI’s top of the line overclocking motherboard.

Intel Core i7-4770K

Intel Core i7-4770K Haswell Processor Review

Just a year ago Intel launched their Ivy Bridge processors and now a year later we have another platform launch from Intel. The 4th Generation Core Haswell processors are the “tock” to Intel’s “tick” and “tock” release schedule. A “tock” represents a new architecture and a “tick” represents a process refinement. So Haswell brings with it a new architecture, but is still built on the same 22nm process as Ivy Bridge. Intel has introduced a new LGA1150 socket with Haswell and a new chipset so you will not be able to throw this processor in an older motherboard, you will have to buy a new one. Today we are taking a look at the top of the line Haswell desktop chip the Core i7-4770K. Of course the “K” denotes that it is an unlocked processor. This is a quad-core processor that has a default clock speed of 3.5 GHz and a turbo frequency that goes all the way up to 3.9 GHz.

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