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Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Reveals The Switch Game Console

Nintendo has finally broken the silence about their long rumored new gaming platform. Revealed today via a YouTube video was the Nintendo Switch. It is a tablet-based gaming platform with detachable controllers that you can dock at home and play games on your TV as well.

NES Classic
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Nintendo Shows Off NES Classic at Comic-Con

Nintendo announced the NES Classic console not that long ago and they had it on display this week at the San Diego Comic-Con. For those who don't know the NES Classic is a mini version of the original NES console with 30 games pre-loaded and of course you will be able to play these games on your TV in HD! This is the first time the mini-console has been shown and sitting next to the original console we can see just how small it is.

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Microsoft’s New XBOX Scorpio To Be Powered By “Polaris” and “Zen”

Microsoft has just announced their new XBOX "Scorpio" 4K Ultra HD game console. This new console will be powered by a custom-designed SoC by AMD. This SoC will combine a GPU based on the "Polaris" architecture and a CPU based on the "Zen" microarchitecture. This is quite significant as it is a departure from using 8 smaller "Jaguar" cores and replaces them with stronger "Zen" ones. This chip could be built on the 14nm process.

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AMD To Power Next-Generation Nintendo Console

Nintendo is working on a new next-generation console that will succeed the Wii U. Nintendo is reacting to lower sales and its competitive edge compared to current consoles like the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Many reports suggest that Nintendo might change-course in the direction of its console business much like it did with the original Wii. The company could come up with a system that is focused on serious gaming, but still retain that original "fun" quality. So the console could be more NES-like than Wii-like.

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