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Tt eSPORTS Contour Mobile Gaming Controller
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Tt eSPORTS Contour Mobile Gaming Controller Review

Mobile gaming has been growing at a steady rate for a while now. Being able to play games on your smartphone or tablet makes it extremely convenient and easy. While touch-based games are great there are some pretty serious mobile games that are better played with a controller. A controller gives you better control of your game and allows you to play better, especially on a phone or tablet. Enter the Tt eSPORTS Contour, a mobile gaming controller made for iOS devices. It is fashioned after an Xbox controller and will work seamlessly with your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Let's take a look and see what it is all about.

Sinister Gamepad
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Sinister Gamepad hopes to Replace Gaming Keyboards

With Sinister, inventor Chris Zhao-Holland has come up with the perfect solution. This is a modular PC keypad which is going to draw upon the positive and user friendly points of both the platforms. It all began when the early prototype was shown by him at Engadget's West Coast office which was a 3D-printed palm-rest adorned with Xbox 360 buttons and a single analog nub.

PlayStation 4 Controller
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The PS4 Controller will Support PC Play Out of the Box

The PS4 controller will be offering basic functions of Analog Sticks and General Inputs out of the box and the advanced features will be added up later on. These will include the Analog Triggers, Motion Detector and the Light Strip. As compared to this, the Xbox still has a long way to go as its PC compatibility won’t be launched till the next year (2014).

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iMotion, A 3D Motion Controller with Haptic Feedback

It is now possible for you to play games and manage applications on the computers using the iMotion controller with haptic feedback. iMotion will be compatible for use with Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Oculus Rift and also PC. The concept of this iMotion controller is similar to what we have all seen in most of the Science fiction movies where the characters had access to certain highly advanced gadgets which would allow them to control a floating interface hanging in the air and all this with just the movement of fingers.


CES 2013: G-MATE MAG II Gun Controller

Long have the days past since the CRT light guns that we used to dominate Zombies in games like House of Dead 2 on the Dreamcast. Unless you're a user of either Kinect for XBox 360 or Move for PS3 you don't know the joys of pointing a 'gun' at your TV and fragging some enemies. G-Mate took the opportunity to fill a void that has long needed filled by developing a console gun that does not use visual detection but instead uses a gyroscope that translates the movements to your screen. The MAG II Gun Controller is a giant leap in fully functional interaction with console FPS's. Take a look at the video to see one of the coolest console products at CES.

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