Monday, July 16, 2018

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Patriot Viper Xtreme DDR3-2000 6GB Triple Channel Memory Kit Review

DDR3 has really taken off in the past year and it only seemed like a little while ago 1333MHz DDR3 was the standard, but now it seems like 1600MHz DDR3 is now.  While the 1600MHz memory is fine for most people us enthusiasts want the fastest memory possible for our system to run at its best.  Today we will be looking at a very fast memory kit from Patriot.  It is their Viper Xtreme PC3-16000 (2000MHz) 6GB triple channel kit with timings of 9-10-9-27.  Let’s take a look at this kit and see what it can do!


Corsair Dominator GT DDR3-2000 8-8-8-24 6GB Triple Channel Memory Kit Review

Today I will be looking at Corsair's flagship performance memory, the Dominator GT DDR3-2000 triple channel kit. This particular kit is a 6GB kit with 8-8-8-24 timings. Not only does the Dominator GT series support Intel's XMP 1.2, Corsair has supplied them with a sharp looking beefed-up version of their DHX heatspreaders, and included a Corsair Airflow Fan for active memory cooling. And of course they are supported by Corsair's lifetime warranty. Will the Dominator GT actually dominate? Read on to see!


OCZ Blade Series DDR3-2000 6GB Low Voltage Triple Channel Memory Kit Review

OCZ is always coming up with something new, and new for their triple-channel lineup is the Blade series, which currently consists of four 6GB kits. The blade heatspreader looks sharp, and should be effective, if OCZ's other heatspreaders are any indication at how this one cools. Today I will be looking at the Blade DDR3-2000 7-8-7 6GB kit, the top-of-the-line model of the Blade series. Will the Blade impress? Read on to see!


Kingston HyperX T1 Series DDR3-2000 3GB Triple Channel Memory Kit Revisited

Today, armed with a retail i7 920, and a shiny new BIOS from Gigabyte, I will have another go at this memory. Will I be successful, or will I once again end up with egg on my face? Read on to see! A quick recap, the memory runs at DDR3-2000 9-9-9-27, at Intel's mandatory 1.65v. The modules sport some really nice pin-fin styled heatspreaders in Kingston's traditional HyperX blue. The memory supports Intel's XMP with a pair of preset configurations, DDR3-2000 and DDR3-1866, in case the motherboard won't make the trip to a full 2000mHz.


Kingston HyperX T1 Series DDR3-2000 3GB Triple Channel Memory Kit Review

In retrospect, the information that Louis had just received obviously was about the Nehalem. After seeing the improvements that the i7 has over the Core 2, I can fully understand his excitement. Today I will be looking at the result of Louis' excitement, Kingston's HyperX DDR3-2000 3GB Triple Channel kit. These memory modules sport beautiful new pin-fin heat spreaders and 9-9-9-27 timings at 1.65v. Will this Kingston kit carry my new i7 920 to glory? Read on to see!

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