Monday, July 16, 2018

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CES 2012: In Win

At CES 2012, In Win is showing off some things you might have already seen, and others you’ve never seen. Ray with In Win showed us their power supplies, a revised Dragon Rider chassis, along with a couple concept designs and the super limited edition XFRAME. Each chassis is sleek while being super accessible. For example, on the XFRAME, In Win has included a lockable panel that holds all of the screws, and motherboard standoffs. Also, the XFRAME is truly a limited edition. Each XFRAME will be individually numbered, and it’s rumored that the numbers may not go past triple digits.


In Win Dragon Rider Full Tower Case Review

Over the past few years In Win has been designing a lot of different cases to stir up the competition with larger manufactures. Their latest Full Tower Case, the In Win Dragon Rider is no exception to In Win’s quality products. The Dragon Rider has advanced features such as a CPU backplate cooling fan, two USB 3.0 easy access ports and support for E-ATX motherboards. The case also includes 4 fans and has support of up to 10 fans to go along with its already cool and quiet design.  Let’s take a closer look.

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