Sunday, July 22, 2018

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Elitegroup (ECS) Advances Motherboard Durability and Stability with Hyper Alloy Choke

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is pleased to announce their newest advancement in motherboard durability and stability with the implementation of Hyper Alloy Choke. The next generation of ECS' gold plated Alloy Choke technology, the Hyper Alloy Choke are ideal for overclocking because of their high energy efficiency and heat reduction. Under unstable currents or high stress workloads, standard chokes are more likely to burn out or result in a system shutdown. ECS' Hyper Alloy Choke offer 1.5x more stability thanks to ECS' advancements in choke technology and the high-quality raw materials that make up these chokes.


CES 2012: ECS

I'm sure most of you know ECS mainly for motherboards, but they had some other stuff to show us this year at CES. To start off they showed us their G11 All-In-One DIY barebones system. The system is based on a platform developed by Intel in conjunction with ECS. The other interesting product was the Wi-Bridge which allows you to stream media content to any display using WiFi. We didn't leave out the motherboards ECS was showing either, read on to check it all out!

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