Sunday, July 22, 2018

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AMD Wraith CPU Cooler
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AMD’s Wraith Cooler To Be Bundled With FX-8350 & FX-6350

It looks like AMD will be bundling its high-performance Wraith CPU cooler with more processors. Two of the better selling AM3+ chips, the eight-core FX-8350 and the six-core FX-6350 could come bundled with the new Wraith cooler. These will be packaged in special packaging which should have a slight premium over the older cooling solutions that are already in circulation.

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AMD Readies FX-9000 CPU Clocked at 5 GHz!

Back in April we touched upon some news that AMD would be releasing a <a href="" target="_blank">5 GHz FX Centurion Super Processor</a>. It looks like that might actually come to light as Sweclockers has some information about two new AMD FX models that may be coming out soon. These models include the AMD FX-9000 and AMD FX-8770.

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