Monday, July 23, 2018

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NVIDIA’s Pascal Architecture Is In Trouble With Asynchronous Compute

According to a new rumor NVIDIA's upcoming Pascal architecture will not be significantly better at Async compute than its predecessor. We do know that Pascal will be coming out sometime this year and will definitely have far better FP64 among other things. Without proper Async NVIDIA hopes to rely on raw performance numbers alone.

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AMD Announces GPUOpen To Counter NVIDIA’s GameWorks

AMD has just announced GPUOpen which is their answer to NVIDIA's GameWorks. NVIDIA's GameWorks SDK helps developers speed up PC graphics and provide a more interactive and cinematic game experience for users on NVIDIA hardware. AMD does not want NVIDIA to be the only one offering these tools to developers so they are announcing GPUOpen with the "open" referring to "open-source".

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NVIDIA GameWorks Program Announced

At the GeForce event in Montreal NVIDIA unveiled GameWorks which will open up newer opportunities for the game developers and will provide them a new platform to experiment with different gaming tools and put them to use. This GameWorks introduction by NVIDIA is likely to provide empowerment to the game developers with its 300 engineers who are an expert at the visual effects. These engineers will spread around the globe and help developers with the aid of SDKs, technological advancements and algorithms.

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