Saturday, July 21, 2018

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GTA V Jetpack Mod
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New GTA V Jetpack Mod is Pretty Awesome

The GTA V modding scene keeps on getting better and better! One of the latest mods is the Jet Pack Mod, which if you guessed allows you to have a jet pack! This makes for some pretty awesome and hilarious antics!

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New GTA V Mod Let’s You Play on Low-End PCs

GTA V is great to play on PC, but not if you have a really low-end PC. GTA V modder 'emirh08' has compiled a mod that will allow you to play the game at good frame rates (over 30 FPS) on an average system with low specifications. On a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet the modder is able to get over 30 FPS on 1280 x 800 resoultion with textures at maximum, FXAA and Shadows enabled, reflection quality on high and Anisotropic Filtering at 8x.

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