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Swiftech H220
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Swiftech Stops Sales of their H220 Water Cooling Kit in the US

Swiftech announced today that they are withdrawing sales of their H220 Water Cooling Kit in the United States. This is probably why everyone we recommended the cooler to could not find it over the past month or so. The reason for the withdraw is that Asetek claims that the H220 CPU cooler infringes on their US patents 8,240,362 (the ’362 patent) and 8,245,764 (the ‘764 patent) and to cease selling, offering for sale and importing the H220 CPU cooler in the United States.


Swiftech H220: Adding to the Loop

One of the biggest selling points of Swiftech’s all in one cooler, <a href="">the H220</a> is it’s claim to be a fully expandable liquid cooling system.  By this they mean it is possible to add other cooling elements to the self contained loop.  This would mean that for the price of only $139.99 USD you can buy for yourself the complete set of core components needed for a custom liquid cooling loop, something that would normally cost around $300.  The main components include; a pump, a radiator, a block for the component you wish to cool, and a reservoir.  Starting off from these items you can now easily add any other element from your rig to the loop.  If their claim is true, the sky’s the limit, you can liquid cool anything from your gpu to your chipset, to your ram.  Not keeping cool enough with just the 240mm radiator?  Throw an additional radiator into the loop as well!  Follow along as we explore how to work with a liquid cooling loop, and find out just what the limits of this “expandability” are.


Swiftech H220 Water Cooling System Review

Long Beach, California based company Swiftech is known industry wide as one of the forefathers of liquid cooling.  In 1999 they began developing peltier based cpu coolers for advanced overclocking which led Swiftech to begin working with liquid cooling solutions.  Known today for their excellent quality water pumps, radiators, and liquid cooling blocks, Swiftech is easily one of the market leaders in the mainstream liquid cooling market.  Until recently however, they have stayed out of the all in one (AIO) cooling solution game.  Now, after 3 years of development, they have announced the H220.   Aimed at the average user interested in liquid cooling but not yet ready to jump into a full blown custom loop, the H220 claims to be an affordable, adaptable, and silent cooling solution for all users.  Follow along as we take the H220 through the gauntlet to see if it really is all it claims to be.


CES 2013: Swiftech

This year was the first year that Swiftech was at CES and they did so to really promote and tell people about their brand new H220 all-in-one liquid cooling system. This system is designed to not only compete with all of the other all-in-one systems out there, but also with watercooling setups in general. Besides providing great cooling capability the H220 is the only all-in-one system available in the US that allows you to take it apart, drain it and change the loop. So if you wanted to add video card, memory or VRM cooling you are able to. Adding more components to the loop does not really effect performance either as Swiftech uses their own pump, which is 4-5x more powerful that standard pumps included in all-in-one systems. Check out the video below to see what we are talking about as the H220 is one of the most impressive all-in-one watercooling systems we have seen in a while!

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Swiftech to Unveil new H220 all-in-one CPU Cooler During CES 2013

Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech is proud to announce the imminent release of the H220 CPU cooling kit, a new all-in-one liquid cooling system compatible with all current Intel and AMD desktop processors that will ship to consumers already pre-filled for plug-and-play operations. Setting itself apart from similar offerings, the product will also feature full expansion capabilities to include additional cooling devices for graphics and or chipset. The H220 will be unveiled during the Consumer Electronics Show held from January 8th to 11th in Las Vegas, NV and Swiftech will demonstrate several systems featuring the new cooler capabilities at the Mandalay Bay Hotel Penthouse suites.

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