Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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Water Cooling 101: Installing Your Basic Loop

Welcome back to ThinkComputers Water Cooling 101! Over the past several articles we’ve been covering all the tricks and tips we’ve learned from years of building water cooled PCs. After an introduction to the art and designing our desired layout, we showed you how to pick the best parts for your needs, and finally once they arrived how to prep them for use. Finally, we are now to the point where we can do something truly exciting and actually our hands dirty; it’s install day! Today we go step by step and show you to install your very own basic water cooling loop.


How To: Install the Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler

The <a href="http://thinkcomputers.wpengine.com/thermaltake-frio-ock-cpu-cooler-review/">Frio OCK</a> is one of Thermaltake's most popular CPU coolers. The CPU cooler features a dual-tower heatsink design with 6 copper heatpipes and a very large copper CPU block. It comes with a removable shroud that has 2 large 130mm cooling fans attached to it. The fans have a VR fan knob that allows you to adjust the fan speeds. The FRIO OCK is compatible with all Intel sockets up to 2011 and AMD up to AM3. If you bought this cooler before Intel's 2011 socket was released they will send you the 2011 installation hardware for free. Many people own this CPU cooler and we have been asked many times about the installation of the CPU cooler. So we have decided to make a video showing you how to install the Frio OCK. Read on to check it out.

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