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Half the Internet Was Down Today

Major websites like Twitter, Paypal, Spotify, Reddit, and many more were down today. It looks like the cause of this was hackers unleashing a large denial of service (DDoS) attack on the servers of Dyn, a major DNS host. It seems this DNS attach affected the United States and Europe mostly. While many people have reported that the sites are coming back up now, it seems there are more attacks happening.

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Google Fiber Ends Its Free Service In Kansas City

When Google Fiber first landed in Kansas City it was free. All you had to do was pay a one-time installation fee and your internet service was free after that. Well it seems that is not the case anymore as Google is taking that offer off the table. They have announced that they will be dropping the free service in Kansas City.

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Comcast 2Gbps Fiber Service is $300 Per Month

Comcast first announced its 2Gbps symmetrical Gigabit Pro Fiber Service for the Atlanta market in April and soon began expanding into the San Francisco Bay Area, Chattanooga, and parts of Colorado and Oregon. Up until now the cost of the service was unknown, but Comcast has added a landing page for the service on their website which lets us know the service will be $299.95 per month!

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AOL Still Has 2.3 Million Dial-up Subscribers

If you are like me you first heard of AOL when you would get their CDs in the mail for their dial-up service. Well it has been quite a while since AOL has sent those out or we have even thought about dial-up, but surprisingly its legacy dial-up subscription business is still generating a big portion of its sales and most of its profits.

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Perfect Relationship Between a Man and the Internet

In spite of the obvious and undeniable progress of evolution, a man lives by his needs and instincts. If his requirements are met, a person is experiencing encouraging emotions and acquires some life energy. This is a natural response to a positive stimulus. Naturally, the needs are divided into inferior and superior ones. The internet is so firmly inserted into our lives that have eventually become a necessity, and often is listed as a superior one. On an equal basis with face-to-face communication, receiving information through reading books and newspapers, magazines, television viewing, staying online satisfies the human need for socialization. Thanks to the Internet and its wide spread people are now permanently free of the fear of loneliness. Internet is a source of positive emotions, and as a consequence, it provides us with life energy. This motivates a person to use the Internet further, again and again.

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Public Internet Turns 20 Today

Crazy to think but just 20 years ago yesterday you could not access the World Wide Web. The actual Internet had existed for many years, but it was not until Tim Berners-Lee who was working at CERN at the time, developed the software to make what we know as now as the World Wide Web possible. Think just in a short 20 years how much information is easily accessible on the Internet.

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Slashdot Turns 15 this Month

Slashdot the "News for nerds, stuff that matters" social news site turns 15 this month. I have been using Slashdot for many years and it is one of the first real social news sites and site that posted tech / nerd news. For me the "News for nerds, stuff that matters" really hit a chord because it was the type of news I was looking for on the internet, not popular news or politics. Also the fact that the content was user-driven was really interesting to me. Being in the tech industry we see many sites come and go, but it is great to see Slashdot alive and well.

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