Friday, July 20, 2018

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Kingston Wi-Drive 16GB Review

For those in the Android world who want to add extra storage to their device it is as easy as adding a memory card, but for all of us who use iOS devices we are stuck with the capacity of the device we purchase.  With all of the movies, music, photos and apps out there it is easy to reach capacity on iOS devices.  I’m sure many people get frustrated with this and Kingston knows this.  This is why they have come up with the Wi-Drive.  It is portable, wireless storage for your iPod, iPhone or iPad.  Read on as we take a look...

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Unboxing the Kingston Wi-Drive

When you think of companies making products for iOS devices Kingston really is not one. We mainly know them for memory and solid state drives. The biggest problem with iOS devices is that you are stuck with the default capacity on the device, there is no way to expand your storage. Kingston knew of this problem and came out with the Wi-Drive. It is wireless storage for you iOS device! You simply connect your device to the wireless AP built into the Wi-Drive and you can stream music, movies and other files to your iOS device. Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video!

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