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Seidio Surface Reveal iPhone 5/5s Case Review

As I've always said and I’m sure you know there are literally million of iPhone cases out there. It really is hard to know what is junk and what will actually protect your iPhone and be useful. Today we are checking out a case that not only will protect your iPhone but has a pretty cool kickstand that allows you to prop your iPhone up for easy viewing of media and even for gaming. The case I am talking about is the Surface from Seidio. Interested? Read on as we take a look...

X-Doria Rapt iPhone 5/5s Case
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X-Doria Rapt iPhone 5/5s Case Review

When it comes to iPhone cases there are literally millions of different options. There are all sorts of cases and sometimes it is hard to find something that is unique. Well today we are taking a look at an iPhone case from X-Doria that is a little more unique that other iPhone cases out there and offers great protection. The X-Doria Rapt is made to work with both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s and is available in three different color combinations.

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iLuv Aurora Illusion & Flightfit Gaudi iPhone 5/5s Cases Review

When we purchase a new phone the next thing we need to get is a case to protect it, especially if it is an iPhone. I bet you can name a few friends who have cracked iPhones, it just happens if you don’t have a case. Today we are taking a look at two different cases for your brand new iPhone 5/5s. The cases are from iLuv and are the Aurora Illusion and the FlightFit Gaudi. Both of these cases will provide protection for your iPhone, look great and even an added bonus they glow in the dark! Let’s take a look!

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