Friday, July 20, 2018

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Griffin iTrip Aux & iTrip Bluetooth
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Griffin iTrip Aux & iTrip Bluetooth Review

Driving can be fun, stressful, annoying, and a lot of other emotions. Luckily, radios and CD players have been stock in vehicles for years. But as mobile devices increased in popularity, vehicle manufacturers weren’t ready to outfit their products with the latest technology. If you’re stuck without Bluetooth or USB in your vehicle, then iTrip Aux or iTrip Bluetooth may be what you’re looking for. iTrip Aux has a built-in Lightning connector for modern Apple devices, and iTrip Bluetooth provides a wireless interface for all mobile devices that support Bluetooth. iTrip Aux and iTrip Bluetooth both forward the audio they receive to any 3.5mm input, allowing most older vehicles to be outfitted with new connectivity options.

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