Saturday, July 21, 2018

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Antec AMP Pulse Wireless Mobile Headphones

Antec AMP Pulse Wireless Mobile Headphones Review

Antec has branched out over the past year from what we normally know them for, cases and power supplies. They launched Antec Mobile Products (AMP) and we reviewed their flagship product the SP1 Bluetooth speaker. Today we are taking a look at another bluetooth product the Pulse Wireless Mobile Headphones. These over-the-ear wireless headphones are intended for mobile use and include an integrated microphone for answering calls. Beyond this they feature 40 mm drivers, built in controls, a foldable design and a very sleek look. Let’s check them out...

RHA SA950i Headphones

RHA SA950i Headphones Review

Earlier this year we took a look at RHA’s MA450i earphones and they proved to be a great value and offered good performance. Today we are taking a look at RHA’s SA950i’s which unlike the MA450i’s they are an over-ear type of headphones. They are designed to be extremely light and easy to take with you but still provide professional quality audio. They also feature a detachable audio cable that has in-line volume controls and a microphone for taking calls. Will these be your next headset? Read on as we take a look...

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