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LUXA2 Smart Clip & Tab Clip
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LUXA2 Smart Clip & Tab Clip Review

LUXA2’s Smart Clip and Tab Clip perform similar functions but for different devices. Smart Clip holds 3.5” - 6” mobile phones, while Tab Clip holds tablets 6” - 10”. Each feature a powerful suction cup, full 360 degree swivel and rotation, and non-slip rubber grip for extra stability. Let's see what the Smart Clip and Tab Clip are all about!

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LUXA2 H1 and H5 Mobile Mounts Review

If you've never used a mobile mount, you might ask, “Mobile mounts, huh, what are they good for?”. Short (obvious) answer, holding your mobile devices. With the H1 Premium Mobile Holder, and H5 Premium Car Mount, Luxa2 aims to bring a bit more style and functionality to mobile mounts. H1’s aluminum Apple iMac inspired body brings the style, whereas H5’s flexible body brings functionality. Continue reading to see if you can benefit by adding these two devices to your accessory lineup.

Mobile ProductsReviews

LUXA2 H1-Touch Mobile Holder Review

Before receiving the H1-Touch from LUXA2 I really did not know there was a market for mobile device holders, but there definitely is, especially for the iPhone! I am an iPhone user and I take my iPhone with me everywhere and I'm on it all the time. Instead of having my iPhone just sitting on my desk it would be nice to have it sitting in front of me where I can easily respond to calls or e-mails. That is where the LUXA2 H1-Touch comes in; it is the perfect holder for your mobile device.

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