Monday, July 16, 2018

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No Barrier to Entry for iOS

We all know the two big players in the mobile operating system game are Apple and Google.  Apple has iOS and Google has Android.  Once these guys have you in their app ecosystem it is really hard to make the decision to change to another mobile OS.  With the <a href="">announcement of the new iPhone 4s</a> last week one thing I think many people looked over was that the iPhone 3GS would be free with a new 2-year contract.  How will this effect the smartphone and mobile OS market?  Read on to hear my thoughts.


Is Android Taking Over?

A few weeks ago when I got back from <a href="">CES</a> I went out and met up with my usual group of friends. Being the "tech guy" in the group two of my friends had to show me their new phones. Both were smartphones to my surprise, most of my friends are not tech people at all and have no need for all of the functions of a smartphone. The 2 phones were the Samsung Moment and the HTC myTouch. My two friends were really excited to show me how they customized the Android home screen and all of the applications they had. I'm an iPhone guy and I've had my iPhone for quite a while. It felt good having one of the only phones that could have apps on it, but now almost anyone can get an Android phone! This begs the question, is Android taking over the mobile OS market?

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