Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Intel Officially Launches SSD 530 Series High-Performance Consumer SSDs

Intel has formally announced their latest SSD 530 series targeted towards those consumers and client who expect high-performance from their systems. The SSD 530 series is designed for the next generation of Ultrabook PCs along with traditional desktops and laptop setups.

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Intel SSD 530 Series Arriving Next Week

It has been reported by VR-Zone that Intel is preparing their new line of SSD 530 Series solid state drives that will feature the latest M.2 interface with NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor). This line will succeed Intel's SSD 520 and SSD 525 series. According to the leaked roadmap the series should have debuted back in June, but it has been postponed till next week.

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Plextor’s NGFF TLC NAND-Based Solid State Drive

<a href="" target="_blank">Last week</a> we showed you Plextor's TLC NAND-based 2.5-inch drive they were showing off at CeBIT. Plextor also had a next generation from factor (NGFF) TLC NAND-based drive on display. We have seen a lot of NGFF drives at CES. They are small 42 x 22mm modules with a PCI-Express 2.0 interface. They are designed for use in next generation Ultrabooks. Plextor will be selling these drives in 128GB and 256GB capacities.

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