Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Thermaltake NiC C4 CPU Cooler

Thermaltake NiC C4 CPU Cooler Review

When it comes to CPU cooling Taipei based Thermaltake has found a way to impress us time after time with stellar performance from their all in one liquid coolers. And although their naming schemes sometimes leave something to be desired, they certainly seem to know how to create a great product for thermal management. For the first time we will be taking a close look at one of their air coolers, the NiC C4. The C4 is near the top of their new line of NiC coolers designed for maximum performance in the close confines on some of today's motherboards. Will the C4 live up to the performance bar set by it’s bigger AIO brothers, or is this just another standard issue air cooler? Read on to find out!

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Thermaltake Announces “NiC” CPU Coolers

Thermaltake has a new series of air CPU Coolers, which they are dubbing NiC. NiC stands for "non-interference cooler". What that means is these coolers will not interfere with RAM installation in your system. For the longest time many CPU coolers would block your RAM slots or you would be limited to low profile modules. With these new air coolers Thermaltake eliminates that problem. The NiC series is comprised of the F3, F4, C4 and C5 coolers.

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