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Corsair Announces Obsidian Series 500D Chassis

CORSAIR, a world leader in PC gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today unveiled a stunning new identity for its iconic Obsidian Series of enthusiast PC cases with the launch of the CORSAIR Obsidian Series 500D. Continuing the Obsidian Series' signature elegant and minimalist design, the 500D adds premium smoked glass tempered side panels and curved aluminium construction to create an enthusiast PC case that's thoroughly modern, inside and out. This is the new Obsidian.

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Corsair Announces Obsidian Series 750D Full Tower Case

Corsair has just announced a new case in their Obsidian Series line of cases. The 750D is a full tower case and will be the little brother to the massive 900D and bigger brother to the Micro-ATX 350D. The 750D keeps the same black monolithic design with its brushed aluminum and solid steel construction. The case is designed to make PC building easy with tool-free side panels and drive bays.

Corsair 350D Case

Corsair Obsidian Series 350D Micro ATX Case Review

I have always been a fan of Corsair cases. Corsair just gets it, their cases are elegant and don’t have any of the extras that users will simply not use. The Obsidian Series is the top of the line case series from Corsair and today we are taking a look at the Obsidian Series 350D case. The idea of this case is simple, take all of the best parts of the very popular 800D and 900D cases and put that into a micro ATX case. Micro ATX builds are great as many micro ATX motherboards offer the same features as full sized ATX motherboards, yet take up less space. This means a smaller case to lug around to LAN parties. Is the Corsair Obsidian Series 350D case perfect for your next micro ATX build? Read on as we find out!


Corsair Obsidian Series 550D Case Review

A few years ago when I sat at Corsair’s press conference where they announced they were going to be making more than just memory I was a little skeptical.  Many companies did the same thing, just rebranding OEM products.  Corsair was different, all of their products were original and they said they wanted to be in the top 3 of each product category.  They definitely surprised many people and have some of the best cases, cooling solutions and gaming gear.  Today I am taking a look at the 550D Mid Tower Case that is part of Corsair’s Obsidian Series.  The 550D is made for noise reduction and sound isolation.  It features front and side panels that are fully lined with sound-damping material, top and side panels that have their own sound-insulated vent covers, three included 120mm cooling fans, USB 3.0 support and much more.  Read on as we check out the <strong>Obsidian Series 550D case</strong> from Corsair!


Corsair Obsidian Series 650D Mid Tower Case Review

Corsair really surprised us when they entered the case market with the <a href="">Obsidian Series 800D</a> full tower case.  The 800D was just awesome and probably one of the best cases I have reviewed in the past 3 years.  They next went to the Graphite Series with the <a href="">600T</a>, this case was equally impressive.  Today we are taking a look at the first mid tower case in the Obidian Series, the 650D.  The case has many of the same features we loved on on the 800D, but also adds some from the Graphite Series line of cases as well.  Is this the perfect mid tower for you?  Read on to find out!

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Corsair® launches Obsidian Series™ 700D High-Performance Chassis

<strong>FREMONT, California, February 17, 2010</strong> — <a href="">Corsair</a>, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer and flash memory products, today announced the Obsidian Series 700D High-Performance computer chassis, based on the award-winning Obsidian Series 800D chassis. The new Obsidian Series 700D has been designed by Corsair to offer enthusiasts with a high-performance chassis that retains many of the key features and dimensions of the hugely popular Obsidian 800D. The Obsidian Series 700D replaces the four hot-swap SATA disk drive bays of the 800D with four fixed SATA bays. The total number of drives bays remains the same at six 3.5 inch (2.5 inch compatible) bays, and five 5.25 inch bays. The windowed side-panel of the 800D is also replaced by a solid side panel for the 700D.


Corsair Obsidian Series 800D Case Review

We all know who the big case manufacturers out there are and we turn to them when it’s time to get a new case or purchase a case for a build. Not often a new company comes along and blows things out of the water. Well the case we are talking a look at today isn’t from a new company, but they are new to cases. Corsair introduces their first case the Obsidian Series 800D. This case is one of the best cases I’ve seen in a while featuring 4 hot-swappable bays, 3 isolated cooling zones, tool-free optical drive installation, and unique cable routing holes. Let’s take a look at the 800D and see if Corsair has a winner in its first case.

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