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Antec P380
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Antec Officially Announces P380 Case

We gave you the scoop on this case last week as we saw it at CES, but now Antec has officially announced the P380. This case will set as their flagship chassis for 2015. The case is part of the companies award-winning Performance One series.

Antec P380 Case
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Antec Reveals Performance One P380 Case

We have not heard much from Antec lately, but at Computex 2014 this week they were showing off a new high-end offering in their Performance One P380 case. The P380 has a very sleek and sophisticated design to it thanks to the large 6 mm thick piece of aluminum that makes up the top and front of the case.

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Antec Launches 3 New P280 Series Cases

White cases have been a big thing for the past year or so and now Antec is going to jump on that popularity with some new additions to its Performance One P280 Series of cases. They have announced 3 new cases, 2 of which are white. The first case the P280-MW, is a completely white version (including internals) of the original P280. There is a version of the white case with an acrylic side panel window, the P280-MW Window. Finally there is the P280 Window which features a black / graphite design also with an acrylic side panel window.


Antec P183 Advanced Mid Tower Case Review

Antec’s Performance One series cases have been a staple in the computer case industry for quite a while. I know quite a few people that have had their Antec P180 and P182 cases for years now. Antec has once improved their current Performance One cases with the new P183. It features new front door vents, air filters on the entire front of the case and more room for longer power supplies. Besides all of these new improvements you get Antec’s superior quality and sleek style. So let’s take a look at the P183 Advanced Mid Tower.

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