Monday, July 16, 2018

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G.Skill Phoenix Pro 40GB Solid State Drive Review

Solid State drives are still quite expensive for most people, especially at higher capacities.  The price most manufactures are shooting for is $100.  This is really had to do especially with SandForce drives.  Today we will be taking a look at a 40GB drive from G.Skill, which is really close to that price-point at $119.99 at my favorite online retailer.  This drive is designed to get solid state drives in the hands of consumers and to also offer great performance.  The 40GB size is still more than enough room for a boot drive and is the perfect size for a netbook!  Let’s take a look and see just how much performance you are getting for that low price!


G.Skill Phoenix Pro 60GB Solid State Drive Review

We reviewed our first SandForce-based solid state drive about a month ago and since then the SandForce drives we have checked out have either been 120 or 128GB drives.  While these are nice drives many people still cannot afford them.  Today we will be looking at a 60GB drive that is based on the SandForce controller.  The 60GB size is perfect for most systems as you can fit most of your programs and operating system on the drive then just use a regular SATA drive for all your media and other things.  The 60GB size is also great for upgrading your laptop’s hard drive.  Let’s check out the G.Skill Phoenix Pro 60GB Solid State Drive.

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