Monday, July 16, 2018

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Pioneer Unveils BDR-XS05J Portable Blu-ray XL Writer

Since we are aware of the obvious fact that a lot of notebooks and laptops lack an optical drives to save space, Pioneer has come up with a portable drive of similar sort. Pioneer has unveiled the colorful new BRD-XSO5J portable Blu-Ray XL writer. It can read and write almost every type of relevant disk, from CD format to DVD ad of course Blu-ray. It comes with an option 4 body panels which include, bushed aluminum, piano black, soft pink and glossy white. It measure 135x135x20.3mm (WxDxH) while weighing 330g. The device includes a slot-type disc loading mechanism with USB 3.0. Just a single cable is used for both power and data connectivity.

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