Sunday, July 22, 2018

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OCZ Platinum Series DDR3-1600 Low Voltage 6GB Triple Channel Memory Kit Review

So I find it incredible that less than six months after the release of the i7 that you can actually build a pretty awesome i7 rig at budget prices. Add to that the fact that last year the bar was raised quite a bit for video card performance, you can build a really butt-kicking i7 gaming rig for under a grand. Sure, you can spend twice that or more if you wish, but there is really no need to. Today I will be looking at OCZ's DDR3-1600 Platinum 6GB kit. With its shiny XTC heatspreaders, 6 gigs of triple-channel goodness, and OCZ's reputation for high quality memory, along with a low price that will really blow you away, this memory kit should be a winner. Will it pass the test? Read on to see!

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