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Razer Project Christine
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Razer’s Project Christine is not Dead Yet

We got our first look at Razer's Project Christine at CES earlier this year. The idea behind the system is to store all of the computers components in modular slots. If a user wanted to upgrade a certain part they would just replace the modular slot with a new one. Well it has been a while since CES and it looks like Razer is having trouble getting OEM's to buy into the concept.

Razer Project Christine Side
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Razer’s ‘Project Christine’ Truly Modular Desktop

Razer always has something innovative and flashy to show off at CES, this year is no different. Project Christine is Razer's take on a desktop computer. Currently building a computer requires a ton of pieces, and some technical know-how. Razer's vision is that anyone should be able to easily build a computer, it should be super fast with the possibility of being faster, and everything should be water cooled.

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