Saturday, July 21, 2018

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Prolimatech Blue Series Armageddon
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Prolimatech Unveils the Blue Series Armageddon CPU Cooler

Prolimatech has just announced a new Special Edition CPU cooler, which is the Blue Series Armageddon. This cooler is based off Prolimatech’s Armageddon cooler that was released back in 2010. The cooler measures 144 (L) x 50 (W) x 160.3 (H) mm and weighs in at 750 grams.

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Prolimatech Announces MK-26 Black Series VGA Cooler

Back in September Prolimatech released the MK-26 VGA Cooler, today they are announcing the MK-26 Black Series. This new cooler features matte black anodized aluminum fins, which are made to match Prolimatech's own Black Megahalems and Black Genesis. The heatpipes still keep their chrome finish, which makes for a nice contrast. The MK-26 is a dual aluminum fin heatsink that features six copper heatpipes to transfer heat from the copper GPU block to the aluminum fins.

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New Prolimatech Megahalems Basic CPU Coolers

If you are a fan of extreme air cooling then I am sure you have heard of the Prolimatech Megahalems. They are by far some of the best air coolers around. The only thing that really sets them back is their price, at $70. To help save you money Prolimatech has released a new Basic line which is currently made up of 4 coolers (B81/B65/B48/B45).

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