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Mad Catz Titanfall-Branded Gaming Products
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Mad Catz Shows Titanfall-Branded Gaming Products

One of the most anticipated games coming out in 2014 is Titalfall. Mad Catz has teamed with the creators of the game to bring you some really cool Titanfall-branded gaming peripherals, and I have to say they look awesome!

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Mad Catz Announces New Colors for R.A.T. Gaming Mice

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. announced today a new range of color PC products, beginning with the popular series of <em>R.A.T.</em> mice, now available for pre-order in three eye-catching new colors. Alongside standard matte black, the full range of <em>R.A.T.</em> mice (<em>R.A.T.<sup>3</sup></em>, <em>R.A.T.<sup>5</sup></em>, <em>R.A.T.<sup>7</sup></em>, <em>R.A.T.<sup>9</sup></em> and <em>M.M.O.<sup>7</sup></em>) will now be available in gloss-red, gloss-white and gloss-black colors, providing gamers a fashionable alternative for truly unique gaming.

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