Monday, July 16, 2018

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AMD Catalyst Drivers Reveal the Radeon 300 Series Cards

A few people have been taking a closer look at the 15.3 beta version of AMD's Catalyst driver. They have discovered new entries that point to the upcoming Radeon Rx 300 series of graphics cards. And it looks just as we expected, most of the 300 series will be rebrands of older products.

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AMD R9 390 Series to Launch at Computex

AMD is preparing to launch their Radeon R9 300 Series at Computex this year in June. Original rumors pointed to the fact that the company had planned on launching products that were essentially price-adjusted rebrands of existing ones. This would include the R9 380 series which would be a rebrand of a R9 290 series with slightly improved silicon and a R9 370 series that would be based on the Tonga silicon. But it has been decided that AMD will launch the entire series including the R9 390X flagship card all at the same time.

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