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HighPoint Launches the Industry’s Most Versatile 4-Port Storage HBA

HighPoint has released its most adaptable 4 Port storage HBA namely the RocketU 1144E. This circuit device provides remarkable performance in input/output processing and features a 3.0 USB along with 6 GB/second eSATA connectivity. This...


ASUS P9X79 Pro Intel X79 Motherboard Review

Intel’s X79 platform has been out for a little while now.  This platform is the real high-end when it comes to gaming and CPU-intensive tasks.  ASUS has quite a few different X79 motherboards to choose from.  Today we will be taking a look at their <strong>P9X79 Pro Motherboard</strong>.  This board sits in the middle of ASUS’s P9X79 boards with the P9X79 LE ($229) and P9X79 ($259) boards being below it and the P9X79 Deluxe ($359) and P9X79 WS ($379) being at the high end.  With a price point of $299 the P9X79 Pro sits right in the middle.  The board features quad-channel memory support, an all digital power design, SATA 6GB/s and USB 3.0 support, ASUS’s UEFI BIOS, ASUS SSD caching and much more.  Read on as we take a look...


Patriot Pyro SE 120GB Solid State Drive Review

When Patriot started to release their SATA 6GB/s solid state drives they started with 2 drives.  The <a href="">Wildfire</a> that was more on the high-end with Toshiba toggle memory and the Pyro which was the more consumer-focused drive that used asynchronous flash memory.  Now Patriot has the Pyro SE, which will be using Micron 25nm synchronous memory.  Using synchronous memory we should see better performance when it comes to incompressible data.  Today we will be taking the 120GB version through the paces, read on to see how the drive performs.

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Unboxing the Patriot Pyro SE Solid State Drive

Today we are unboxing another solid state drive. This time it is the Patriot Pyro SE, which is Patriot's 3rd SATA 6GB/s drive. Their <a href="">Wildfire drive</a> uses Toshiba toggle memory, the original Pryo uses asynchronous memory and this drive will be using synchronous memory. This drive still features the SandForce SF-2281 controller and has read and write speeds of 550MB/s and 520MB/s respectively. Read on to check out our unboxing and overview of the 120GB version.


OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G 240GB Solid State Drive Review

Other World Computing or OWC as most people call them is a company you may or may not have heard of.  They have been around since 1988 and are one of the premier brands of upgrade and enhancement products for Apple devices.  They started out with memory and like most memory companies they have started producing solid state drives.  Today we are going to be checking out their Mercury Extreme Pro 6G Solid State drive.  By the name you can guess this is a solid state drive and it boasts speeds of 559MB/s read and 527MB/s write.  Let’s see how it stands up to the other big names in the SSD market.

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Unboxing the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G Solid State Drive!

Today we have a great product from a new company here at ThinkComputers. The company is Other World Computing or OWC as most people call them. They make quite a few different products but they are really known for their solid state drives. Today we will taking a look at one of their latest solid state drive offerings the Mercury Extreme Pro 6G 256GB. This drive features peak read speeds of 559MB/s and write speeds of 527MB/s. It also has a very impressive 5 year warranty! Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video!


Kingston HyperX 240GB Solid State Drive Review

If you know anything about Kingston you know their HyperX line.  HyperX is the name they give all of their high-end products.  Kingston entered the solid state drive market with the SSDNow series of drives, but it was about time the put the HyperX name on a solid state drive.  The HyperX solid state drive is a SATA 6GB/s drive powered by the SandForce SF-2281 controller, 25nm Intel NAND and boasts speeds of 555MB/s read and 510MB/s write.  Kingston sent us the upgrade kit that includes a USB enclosure, 3.5-inch mounting bracket, SATA data cable, screwdriver and hard drive cloning software.  Let’s take a look...


ASRock 890FX Deluxe5 AMD Motherboard Review

Today we’ll be getting a look at another AMD motherboard with the 890FX chipset, the ASRock 890FX Delxue5, which features 3-Way CrossFireX support, USB 3.0, SATA6, onboard power/reset buttons, Dr. Debug, and many others. This motherboard has some of the old, some of the new, and some of the yet to come integrated into it. Read on further to find out what all they are.


Corsair Force Series GT 120GB SATA 6Gb/s Solid-State Drive Review

It seems like it has been a while since we have reviewed a solid state drive, the last time we looked at one was <a href="">back in June</a>!  Well today we are taking a look at a solid state drive this will not disappoint!  The drive I am talking about is the Corsair Force Series GT 120GB SATA 6Gb/s drive.  The Force Series GT’s are Corsairs highest solid state drive offering boasting read speeds of 555MB/s and write speeds of 515MB/s, on top of that they are saying speeds of up to 85,000 IOPS.  Let’s check this beast out and get it on our test bench!


OCZ Agility 3 240GB Solid State Drive Review

OCZ has always been at the top of the list when it comes to solid state drive development.  A little while ago we took at look at their first SATA 6GB/s drive the Vertex 3.  This drive had blazing fast speeds and is considered an enthusiast or even business-level product.  OCZ has brought their ever-popular Agility series solid state drive to the SATA 6GB/s standard.  The Agility 3 is based on the SandForce SF-2281 controller and boasts read speeds of up to 525MB/s and write speeds up to 500MB/s.  Let’s check out this drive and see how it stacks up to the <a href="">Vertex 3</a> and other similar drives.

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