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Valve Planning To Make Changes To The Steam Store

Valve once again will be making some pretty big changes to the Steam Store. This new update will include a visual refresh for the home page, additional left column navigation, friends activity, and much more. These new changes were announced by Valve on the SteamWorks forums. While these forums are private we managed to get the general highlights of the upcoming update.

Windows 10 Updates
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Windows 10 to have BitTirrent-like Updates

It looks like Microsoft will be changing the way Windows updates are pushed out to users. The Verge has noticed that the latest leaked version of Windows 10 is letting you get updates through peer-to-peer means. This includes different updates from other computers on your network or even online.

Windows XP
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Continue Receiving Windows XP Updates With Registry Trick

As many of you know Microsoft ended Windows XP support last April. Using a simple registry trick you apparently can still get updates for Windows XP. The trick works because Microsoft still supports and offers updates for Windows Embedded PoSReady 2009, which is an OS based on the XP kernel, until 2019. So you can trick Windows Update into thinking that you are actually running Windows Embedded PoSReady 2009 and continue to receive updates.


January 2010 in Review

Wow its 2010, not only a new year, but a new decade! As many of you know January is a crazy month for us as we headed to Vegas for CES. So most of the month we <a href="">covered CES</a>, but we did get some reviews in as well. My favorite article from CES would have to be the <a href="">ASUS article</a>, they are really going to be releasing some cool new video cards and motherboards. As far as reviews go my favorite was the <a href="">CyberPower Gamer Xtreme 2000 Core i5 Gaming System</a>. It was really fun playing games on the system while I had it.

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