Monday, July 16, 2018

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OCZ Vertex 460 Solid State Drive

OCZ Vertex 460 240 GB Solid State Drive Review

2013 was another rough year for OCZ, they went bankrupt and their assets were sold off to Toshiba. We were not sure if we would ever see the OCZ name again, but it looks like OCZ is not going anywhere. With such a popular name know for great performance Toshiba is keeping OCZ around and their first product for 2014 is the Vertex 460 solid state drive. We happen to be taking a look at the 240GB version today. The Vertex 460 features the same Barefoot 3 M10 controller as we saw in the Vertex 450 drive, but has new Toshiba 19nm MLC toggle mode NAND. Now that Toshiba owns OCZ and is loading drives with their own flash this is going to bring costs down for the consumer. The Vertex 460 also really focuses on mixed workload and sustained performance. Will the Vertex 460 start off the year right for OCZ? Read on as we find out!

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