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Man Creates World’s Largest Nerf Gun!

Nerf guns are great! No only as a child, but they make for some great office wars! We always have a few Nerf guns laying around the office. Well this Nerf gun is a little too big for the office! Mark Rober has created the world's largest Nerf gun and it is beyond awesome!

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5 Tips for Top Quality Video Conferences

Essentially anywhere you go in the developed world, you will notice that people seem to be obsessed with screens. People walk the streets while totally engrossed in whatever happens to be displayed on the screen of their smartphone, and if they’re forced to sit still for any amount of time, then out comes the tablet so they can watch an episode of Family Guy, play a round of Angry Birds, or read a magazine while vaguely remembering that magazines used to be made of paper.

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AMD Launches the 8970M For Notebooks

As claimed by AMD late last year of their upcoming higher end offering which was expected to come in 2013, now that 2013 is here AMD debuts the new Radeon HD 8970M. This new HD 8970m is actually more or less the rebranding of HD7970 that came out last year. They say that these are not 100% identical; they are a few modifications which are mentioned as following.

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SilverStone PS07 Case Overview

We have just received one of the SilverStone's latest cases, the PS07. The PS07 is the first case in the Precision Series that is designed for Micro ATX cases so you have a good balance of size and functionality. With 2 included cooling fans, room for both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch hard drives, removable motherboard tray and top panel and USB 3.0 support this is a fully featured case. We've put together a video to give you a brief overview of the case, check for our full review very soon!

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Unboxing the Diablotek Fly Mid Tower Case

The last Diablotek case we took a look at was the Legend and it was not that impressive at all. Diablotek has sent us their Fly case to try and redeem themselves. This case features an Aluminum Magnesium design, 2 included fans, and is water-cooling ready. It is not often you find an all-aluminum case for around $55 so it will be interesting to see what all this case has offer. Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video.

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Unboxing the Antec Kuhler H2O 920 Liquid CPU Cooling System

A little while ago we reviewed the <a href="">Antec Kuhler H2O 620 Liquid CPU Cooler</a>. Well now Antec is back with the Kuhler H20 920, which they say performs even better! Just like the 620 the 920 is an all-in-one cooling system that is simple to install and get setup. Read on as we unbox the Kuhler H20 920 and see what all it comes with!

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